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Summer 2024 Chef In Residence
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Our Summer 2024 Chef In Residence is Sohini Banerjee …
Sohini started her culinary journey back in 2016, balancing work as a prep chef at Cinnamon Kitchen with her masters in Health Economics. Her journey so far has seen her cross paths with chef Asma Khan of Darjeeling Express, chef Helen Graham of Bubala and Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai, formerly of Jamavar.

Sohini’s food takes influence from the culinary traditions of her ancestors, with its roots in Kolkata, West Bengal. She endeavours to bring a style of Indian cuisine that is relatively unknown to the Western palate, but steeped in its own unique traditions and techniques.

Not satisfied with serving simple Bengali staples, Sohini’s food always carries a stamp of her own personality and experiences of growing up in the UK. Her pantry welcomes ingredients from across the world, which work together to enhance the depth of flavour of her own particular brand of “Bangali Khabar” (Bengali food).

She has been serving hungry diners at her Smoke & Lime supperclubs for nearly 6 years, and her food is unmistakably true to her own identity, as a person and as a chef.

At South London Louie, Sohini will be making all our daytime food offer but also providing the following party menus for private parties from 20 to 50 guests.

Sample LUNCH menu (from Wed 1 May)

Cumin feta and honey asparagus galette  7
Smashed charred potato with lime and coriander (vgn) 7
Grilled cauli, pea shoots and bulgur wheat salad with a orange, sesame and soy dressing (vgn) 9
Mushroom, extra mature cheddar and black pepper frittata  6.5
Smashed pork sausage, caramelised onion chutney, crisps, mustard focaccia sandwiches 8

1. Canapés & Bowl Food Sample Menu (à la carte; minimum £20pp; min 20 guests, max 50 guests; not incl staff & vat)

Canapés.. (£3 each)
Aubergine arancini with saffron aioli (V)
Cumin spiced baby potato, tamarind chutney, mustard oil (Ve, GF) Smoked ricotta, chilli pickle on blue tortilla crisp (GF)
Chicory boat with spicy edemame pate, beetroot chutney & mint (Ve, GF) Plantain fritters with tomato salsa (Ve, GF)
Crispy cabbage pakora, carrot chutney, chilli pickle

Bowl Food.. (£7.5 each)
Fettuccine with sun dried tomato sauce and crispy basil (V) Sardine puttanesca with black beans and capers (GF)

2. Cold Buffet Menu (£32 pp; min 20 guests, max 50 guests; not incl staff & vat)

Mango pickle and green olive tapenade served with sourdough (Ve) Asparagus, pecorino, radishes & pickled lemon (V) (GF)
Bengali style lamb roast broth with fried potatoes, coriander and lime – served with rice (GF) Tamarind and clove roast chicken thighs (GF)
Green beans, cumin raita, almonds, fennel slaw & chilli chutney (V) (GF)
Roast aubergine, tahini, pickled carrots & roasted walnuts (Ve) (GF)

Seasonal fruit, sumac and pepper, lime craime fresh (Ve) (GF) Vanilla cupcakes with pepper chocolate ganache (GF)

3. Hot Buffet Menu (£42pp; min 20 guests, max 50 guests; not incl staff & vat)

Mixed crudité with ancho chile hummous & chimichurri toum (Ve,GF)
Roast chicken thighs with preserved lemons, smoked garlic & parmesan (GF)
Green chutney labneh, barberry, almonds & honey (Ve) (GF)
Roast aubergine, tahini yoghurt, pickled onion & roasted walnuts (Ve) (GF)
Heritage carrot, roast beetroot with a soy mirin and orange dressing (Ve) (GF)
Potato & garlic focaccia (Ve)
Roast cherry tomatoes, fennel and chickpea with kashundi and spring onions (Ve) (GF)

Strawberry and cardamom eton mess (GF)
Dark chocolate torte with butterscotch rum sauce (GF)

4. Canapés & Sharing Menu Sample (£62pp w canapés, £52pp no canapés; min 20 guests, max 40 guests; not incl staff & vat)

Canapés (choose 2 per person)
Roast sweet potato, toasted brioche, coriander & chilli (vgo) Marinated tofu skewer, gochujang dipping sauce (vg) Tandoori chicken skewer, tamarind yoghurt
Keralan spiced shrimp, lettuce cups, lime
Cumin spiced baby potato, tamarind chutney, mustard oil (Ve, GF) Saffron and cumin ricotta pate on bruschetta (V)
Punjabi spiced prawn croquettes, tomato chutney

Plated Starter (choose 1 per person)
Za!atar marinated mozzarella, blistered tomatoes, olives, capers, rocket & poppy seed crackers Pork belly, miso roasted peaches and onions and spring onion chilli oil (GF)
Green chilli aachar heriloom tomatoes, yellow courgette, basil & burrata (V) (GF)

Mains to share (choose 1 per person )
Free range chicken, Bengali garam masala, naga honey, pickled lemon & coriander Charred whole cauliflower, black bean hummus, pickled red onions, fried capers mint and fennelGrilled corn fed chicken thigh with Thai style green chutney served with crispy new potatoes & edemame salad (GF)
Fried aubergine & peanuts with gochujang and sun dried tomato orzo (Ve)

Sides (choose 2 per person)
Smoked aubergine, cumin miso onions, roast pepper and grape chutney, toasted cashews and pomegranate molasses (vg)
Basmati rice, saffron, crispy shallots, sultanas (vg) (gf)
Flatbreads with homemade ghee
Green beans with Chinese black vinaigrette (Ve) (GF)

Plated Dessert (choose 1 per person)
Spiced chai tres leche, dark chocolate cardamom ganache (GF)
Pistachio olive cake with milk chocolate and rose creme (GF) Baked saffron cheesecake with seasonal fruit compote (V) (GF)


ORDERING & PAYMENTS_ 50% deposit required when booking, refundable in full up to 10 days before the event; final numbers at least 48 hours before the event; balance payable on the day of the event at the latest

FRONT OF HOUSE STAFF COSTS_ these are payable at £15 + vat per hour per member of staff; amount of staff required depends on the number of guests and style of serve

TASTINGS_ all tastings are £50 per person for two guests (including 1 glass of wine or beer) This fee covers a selection of the chosen menu. Additional guests will incur a charge of £50 per head (including 1 glass of wine or beer). 4 guests max in total